Increase footfall, conversions, basket size and transaction value.


Improve range planning. Increase margin & stock turn. Reduce clearance.

Return on Space

Link assortment planning to space planning. Increase trading intensity & space productivity.

Supply Chain

Achieve ideal stock distribution. Increase availability. Reduce out of stock & lost sales.

Increase Sales

Increase SalesToday's retailers need to do more than having product available on shelf, clearly labelled, with helpful, well trained sales staff. There are 3 critical aspects of retailing that every successful retailer has: These ingredients married up with best practice retail operations will make a difference to a retailer's ability to reach new customers, engage with them and convert them to loyal advocates.

Best Practice Retail Operations

Focusing back on "having the product available on shelf, clearly labelled, with helpful, well trained sales staff" it is critical that retailers analyse their operation performance at store level in order to identify those that are excellent and those which need more attention.

In addition to consulting and advising on the 3 critical aspects outlined above, Retail Acumen have defined a process of measuring store performance in terms of footfall, conversions and ATV at the store specific level, in order to assist clients in really understanding the operational dynamics and the spread of performance across the chain.

This insight enables further action to be taken to address the root causes and enhance stores' performance.

How Retail Acumen can help

Our customers think we have a magic solution or a miracle system. The truth is that we are a team of experienced retailers who understand your business. We understand your data through our retail analysis process that we have developed over several years. We highlight the key insights from the data and provide a full set of recommendations. You then decide if your team will implement the recommendations, or, if you need extra support we can work with you.

For more information or to discuss this further please call us on 0844 4145153 or complete the form below.

Improve Your Retail Performance

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